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Build People Up

Encourage taking risks, and foster curiosity. Training, mentorship, and apprenticeship is common practice. Be mobile and flexible across the organization - there are no department siloes here. Encourage diversity of thought and experience. Give respectful and thoughtful feedback. 

Bias For Action

Move with urgency and focus; don't overanalyze. Take smart risks and be ready and okay with being wrong. Reward well-considered acts of expediency - whether successful or not. Learn by doing.

Own It

Ideas can and should come from anywhere. Responsibility to the company and the team - focus on the impact of our work on the people who live in our homes and the planet we build them on. Be proud of the impact you're having on the company and the planet, and share in the wins of your team. 

Raise The Bar

Build with an intention to deliver an uncompromising product. Build the best homes and the best company on the planet. Unrelenting focus on the customer, and an endless curiosity for new ideas and improvement. 

Our Leadership Team

The Values that Guide Us

Our company's values are a reflection of our past experiences, and our ambition for the future. We operationalize each of these values every day - they are more than just words painted on a wall for us. Building a culture that we are proud of is a fundamental objective of our company. 

About Us

Housing Innovation is Long Overdue

Aro Homes is a different kind of housing company. We are relentlessly focused on engineering and building highly sustainable, intelligent, and livable homes faster and more efficiently than conventionally built homes. As a team of passionate and capable experts with diverse strengths, we share a vision to build better homes that are good for people and the planet.

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